Mitsubishi Outlander 2024: Bring It All With You

Mitsubishi Outlander 2024: Bring It All With You

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The 2024 Mitsubishi Outlander has been awarded an IIHS top safety pick award, one of its highest safety ratings for vehicles.

Trailer Stability Assist

The 2024 Outlander is equipped with Trailer Stability Assist, which continuously monitors the swaying of your trailer. This convenient system applies the brakes when needed for extra towing reliability.

1_Exceptional Peace Of Mind

We’ve interwoven safety into the 2024 Mitsubishi Outlander’s performance, technology, design, and even comfort, taking “peace of mind” to new levels.

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking

Sonar sensors near the 2024 Outlander’s rear bumper can detect objects behind the vehicle. If something is too close, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking issues an audible warning and attempts to stop the vehicle, reducing the chance of an accident.

Advanced Safety Technology
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) employ a range of sophisticated safety technologies to provide preventative protection and reduce the chance of collisions.

Blind Spot Warning

When a vehicle approaches your blind spot, a warning light will illuminate in the corresponding side mirror. If your turn signal is also on, the warning light blinks and the system beeps three times, letting you know it’s not safe to change lanes.

Forward Collision Mitigation with Pedestrian Detection

If the 2024 Outlander detects a car or pedestrian in front of the vehicle through the front radar and camera, a warning appears. If brakes are still not applied and the risk of collision is imminent, Forward Collision Mitigation applies the brakes.

2_Stay Safe Out There

Take the stress out of long-distance driving and stop-and-go traffic with MI-PILOT Assist™, an advanced driver-assist system intended to bring more enjoyment to your drive.

Using radar and cameras, MI-PILOT Assist™ controls the 2024 Outlander’s acceleration, braking, and steering as needed to help you stay centered in your lane of travel as you navigate challenging road conditions and traffic situations.

And, with the innovative Smartphone-link Display Audio navigation system, MI-PILOT Assist™ uses the information it receives, like speed limits and traffic signs, to adjust your speed accordingly.

Thoughtful technologies like MI-PILOT Assist™ are designed to help bring you peace of mind in various driving conditions, so you can concentrate simply on the fun of getting there.


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The 360° camera view of your 2024 Outlander lets you park easily and confidently. As the cameras mounted on the vehicle’s front, rear, and sides collaborate, Multi-Around View Monitor reduces those pesky blind spots.


Parking is a lot easier with enhanced visibility. With the 2024 Outlander’s available Reverse Auto-tilt Door Mirrors, mirror surfaces automatically adjust when you shift to reverse — letting you see the parking lines as you back up.


Easily accessible on the information display, the 2024 Outlander’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System offers recommendations on improving fuel efficiency and provides details on each tire so you know exactly how much to inflate each one. And when you’re refilling the tires, you’ll know you’ve reached the optimal pressure when the Outlander honks the horn.

A Little Extra Peace of Mind

In addition to ten standard airbags — including front, driver’s side dashboard, and side-curtain airbags — the 2024 Outlander adds an eleventh driver seat mounted front-centering airbag, giving you extra peace of mind on every drive.

3_ seating & cargo

The 2024 Mitsubishi Outlander’s upper-class cabin can comfortably accommodate seating for up seven people __ not to mention all of the adventures you have planned

Choose Your Comfort Level

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Seating preferences that are right every time. With eight available, unique power seating adjustment options, the mirrors, digital cluster settings, and leather or semi-aniline leather cushions all adjust to suit the driver’s body for a perfect, custom fit. And don’t forget: there’s an available memory seat function key-linked to each driver.

 Nice and Quiet

Enjoy the music from your playlist without the distracting bumps and jumps of the road. The 2024 Outlander’s double-pane front windows and windshield help reduce noise and vibration, making everyone’s ride smooth and relaxing.

Your Personal Oasis

Debates over the perfect temperature are a thing of the past. Available Triple-Zone Climate Control gives the driver, passenger, and rear passengers separate control over their own comfort zone.

So Much Seating

Start sharing your adventures with more people. Boasting standard third-row seating for up to seven, the 2024 Outlander is the perfect road trip vehicle with plenty of versatile room for everyone — and their luggage!


Fold down the third row and the 2024 Outlander offers a maximum of 64.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats. The extended door frame widths make loading and unloading a breeze, and the space itself is customizable, so you can organize your cargo how you like.

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