Cancellation and Refund:

• Cancellations and modification of your online booking can be made up to 2 day before the pick-up date

• 1 day’s rental will be charged for all no-show customers (customers who abandon their booking without prior notice) and customers who cancel within 2 days of their pickup date.

• We highly recommend that you let your salesperson know as far in advance if your plans regarding our rental are about to change.

Mileage Usage:

• Our offer is based on a maximum use based on the number of kilometers stated in your contract, typically 300KM per day, 1500KM per week or 4000KM per month. Additional usage will be charged at the rate of AED 0.30 per KM plus VAT for sedans and saloons, AED 0.50 per KM plus VAT for SUVs, in reflection of their different maintenance profiles

Salik (Toll Charge) and Traffic Fines:

• The Salik (toll) charged will be the toll amount (typically AED 4), plus an AED 1 service fee, plus VAT on the service fee component

• Traffic fine charges will be the actual fine, plus an AED 50 service fee, plus VAT on the service fee component. We will inform you as soon as we get a notification from the concerned authorities

• You will be required to pay these amounts immediately upon notification.

Comprehensive Insurance:

• All our vehicles are comprehensively insured –driver, passenger and third party liability is provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that you conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle prior to check-out and to ensure that all pre-existing damages are recorded on the vehicle check report ("VCR").

• Your liability will be limited to AED 1,200 plus VAT(or the amount stated in your contract) in case of an accident that is your fault, in which case a red-colored report may be provided by the police. Your liability will also be limited to AED 1,200 plus VAT (or the amount stated in your contract) if the accident is a "Hit and Run" where the third party is not identified, even if you are given a green-colored report. All insurance and damage claims will require a police report in order to be processed.

• Damage caused to our vehicle for which a third-party is not identified, for which a police report has not been produced or which results in the insurance claim being denied will be charged in accordance with the Carlease Damage Rate Card, which is available for viewing. Repairs done by third-party garages and mechanics and not done by Carlease will not be acceptable.

• You have the option to reduce the liability by purchasing CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) at an extra cost, at the time of completing your agreement. This will reduce your liability to either AED 500 or AED 250 plus VAT, depending on your selection.

• Note that, as is common practice in the industry in this region, tire, wheel and rim damage is not included as part of the insurance coverage

Early Termination:

• Where applicable, your early termination penalty will be stated in your contract and will not be negotiable. Short term rentals of less than six months are not subject to any early termination penalties

• Long term lease customers have the option to avoid your early termination penalty by accessing the Carlease Lease Exchange, which will allow you to terminate a long term contract with no early termination penalty - the only program of its kind in the UAE