About Us

Imagine you and your family or friends in the mid of UAE without any transport intermediary where it might let you loose attending your meetings on time, carrying your business, visiting heritage and tourism places and having fun in the beautiful and modern country like as Dubai..

Fast Track is the ultimate destination for your rent a car choice with an extensive fleet of wide range of vehicles which meets your goal and demand of different cars as classic, luxury and sports rent a car.

Our distinctive cars, unparalleled premium services, continuous innovation and effective process is an advantage for us to be part of this market which remains on the nice memories left from UAE in the mind of each person who deals with Fast Track Rent A Car.


Company Name:             Fast Track Rent A Car LLC
Date of Establishment:  2006
CEO & President:            Mohammad Sabra, Ali Sabra
Business Location:         906, Block B, Empire HeightsBusiness Bay, Dubai, UAE
Number of Staff:             15 

Mission and Vision

Mission : Customer service orientation and premium vehicles is our aim in exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders in our car rental services, quality and value.

Vision: To maximize the quality and happiness of human life and time.

What we can offer


  • Being Honest with ourselves and others .
  • Processing our work in a professional courtesy and manner.
  • Promising what is achievable, but over deliver.
  • Knowing ourselves lead to the respect of others.
  • Being logic in all what we carry out, being fair.
  • Listening to our stakeholders as part of our innovation.
  • Holding our services to the highest standards possible.
  • Never compromising in vehicle quality, customer service.

Customer Service

Our aim is to provide solutions for our customers with dynamic, creative, on-target, on-time and always on-budget to convert the customer as our partner..

Customer service orientation, 24/7 Emergency assistance, quality of vehicles, well trained staff and during rent service will provide our customers the vehicles they look for and deserve as well as making their journeys and business affordableand practical.

With our cars, keep in mind the quality ..

With our cars, you have a favorable attitude in life ..

Fast Track Rent A Car