Consumer should check for the retailer's TRN and VAT amount on the invoice

"Shoppers should be aware that they are liable to pay only for those tax invoices on which TRN is mentioned and VAT amount is properly calculated and shown separately," Sharma stressed. "Normally, for purchases up to Dh10,000, shopkeepers can issue simplified invoices. It means there is no need to mention the VAT amount line wise. They can mention the VAT amount for the whole purchase also but it should be separately shown on the invoice."

Sharma also said that consumers should read and understand the law so they can differentiate between standard rated supply, zero rated supply and exempt supply. Not all transactions in the UAE are standard rated; some are zero rated and some are exempt from the tax like the supply of residential property, school fees, transport and government-related charges.

"Consumers should plan their expenses every month and try to stick with the plan. Consumers who are eligible should look for credit card options which provide a good percentage of cashback on the card. It will not help them to recover their VAT expenses totally but they will able to lower their monthly expense to some extent," he advised. 

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