Range Rover Sport


Agility isn’t normally a word that springs to mind when the subject is a 2.5-ton luxury SUV—but the Range Rover Sport blends a certain enthusiasm with legendary off-road prowess. Land Rover, a brand that seems to rest perennially below average in initial-quality scores but nonetheless enjoys strong sales, makes the diesel option mightily tempting. First, on 2016 models the upcharge is only $1500, whether you get the HSE (diesel base price: $72,945) or the less-frothed SE (base: $67,945). 

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This was a low-slung, short wheelbase 3-door coupè that was found unusually “sporty” in the context of Land Rover’s history. Designed by Richard Woolley, the marque’s first complete concept car sported split-folding gullwing doors, one-piece skeletal seats, a “clamshell” hood, 22 inch alloys, a 289 km/h top speed, 4WD and a 2500 kg weight. 


Type:                       4X4
Style:                     SUV
Engine:                   254HP 
Transmission:        7-speed automatic  
0-60:                       7.6 seconds   
Top Speed:            134  mph  
Passengers:           7+  
Exterior:                Black and White  
Interior:                 Black and White