Range Rover Evoque


The Evoque is nothing if not a head-turner, but its visual drama compromises practicality. The styling comes at a cost to both cargo space and outward visibility; three- and five-foor body styles are offered. Also, curiously enough, so is a convertible. A 240-hp turbo four with a nine-speed automatic and a firm suspension give it the moves to match its sporting character, but the ride is often harsh and raucous. The lavish interior impresses, with high-quality materials and luxury features.

Rent Range Rover Evoque in Fastrack 

The Range Rover Evoque is that the car for people who just like the sportiness of the Range Rove sports however feel they have extra space within. It’s a Land Rover, thus you’ll expect the best overhand interior. The materials can feel overpriced and fashionable to the bit, whereas the switchgear can feel solid and sturdy. The finer details indicate the depth of the posh on provide. 


 Type:                     4X4
Style:                     SUV
Engine:                   240HP 
Transmission:        7-speed automatic  
0-60:                       6.6 seconds   
Top Speed:            134  mph  
Passengers:           7+  
Exterior:                Black and White  
Interior:                 Black and White