Jaguar XJ


As the only Brit in a segment govern by Germans, the Jaguar XJ has a lot on its shoulders—a weight it bears remarkably well. The interior is appropriately swanky for the XJ’s place at the top of the Jaguar lineup, with quality materials and luxe styling. A 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 with 340 hp comes standard; a 470-hp V-8 is available. We still have some niggles with build quality and the infotainment system, but even so, the XJ is a lovely ride. The racy XJ-R is reviewed separately.

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Type:                     Executive

Style:                     Saloon
Engine:                  340HP V6
Transmission:        7-speed automatic  
0-60:                       5.1 seconds   
Top Speed:            124  mph  
Passengers:           5+  
Exterior:                White
Interior:                 Black and White