Seized vehicles in Sharjah can be driven for 100 metres

Motorists in Sharjah who have opted for the at-home car confiscation service can now drive their vehicles within their neighbourhoods, it was announced on Wednesday. This respite lets motorists move their cars for 100 metres, letting them attend to an emergency or drive to a nearby mosque.  

Lt.-Col. Mohammed Alai Al Naqbi, director of traffic and patrol department, said initially, owners of confiscated vehicles were allowed to move them only for 50 metres. 

If it goes beyond the newly announced 100-metre radius, the GPS tracker automatically sends out a signal to the police and the confiscation period is doubled.

Under the scheme, the police confiscated 1,535 cars during the last six months for various serious traffic violations. 

The at-home confiscation service was the first of its kind initiative in the country.

The police had launched the service in September 2017 as they were grappling with severe lack of space to house impounded vehicles in its impoundment lot. 

Under the scheme, vehicles that have been ordered to be confiscated are not taken to the impoundment lot. Instead, motorists are allowed to keep their vehicles in their own garages or private parking lots. The police fit a GPS tracker on the vehicle to make sure it is not taken out on the roads.

"After it proves its success, it would be implemented in all other emirates of the county," said Lt.-Col. Al Naqbi. "The Ministry of Interior supports all steps and initiatives that aim to develop the police system and helps it to work efficiently and effectively to enhance the quality of life in the country." 

Meanwhile, the police launched seven awareness campaigns during the first six months of the year. These campaigns benefitted over 144,766 residents.