Fastrack Luxury Rent A Car starts counting a rental day at the time of rental pickup. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Thereafter, there will be a grace period of 2 hours for the return of the vehicle. The rental charges applicable for exceeding the grace period will be charged on the basis of a full day rental. The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Yes. You can pay for your car rental with your credit card and we charge 3% extra. However, as all credit cards may not be represented in the UAE, Fastrack luxury car for hire accepts Major cards for Visacard and Mastercard only. 

Free mileage upto 400 kms/day on daily rental, 350 kms/day and weekly rental, 8000 kms/months on monthly/lease. Excess mileage will be charged depending on the type of vehicle.

Since traffic fines sometimes generate several days after the incident is recorded / reported by the RTA, Fastrack Rent a Car block the deposit amount on a credit card as a safety net for fines incurred on their leased cars while they were rented by you. This also helps in times when a rental cars is damaged by the driver.

In case there are no fines or deductibles, the blocked amount is released there are no fines or deductibles, the blocked amount is released within 21-30 days. On request, you can settle the additional charges in cash too if you do not wish to use your credit card.


Renters are not permitted to take the vehicle outside UAE.

Yes. In some cases it is possible to have your vehicle delivered with free of delivery charge within Dubai. Additional costs of 400 AED per pick up/drop off outside Dubai Abu Dhabi and 150 AEd for Sharja. Please contact us if you want to have your car delivered somewhere.

Copy of Passport with visa page (entry Stamp), Copy of International License along with country of origin license and a valid credit card imprint as security along with originals for verification and validation.  

Parking fee to be paid directly by customers at parking meters. Drivers are expected to abide with the traffic rules and regulations. All fines incurred by the vehicle while in possession of the customer will be charged to the customer. Also for every traffic fine incurred you will be charged extra 50 AED to cover administratjion charges 

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the he/she at all times hold and carries a valid driving license as per the UAE laws before hiring the vehicle.

For U.A.E Resident – U.A.E driving license (Should be one year old)

For visitor – International with national license (Should be one year old)

Is the minimum age requirement in the UAE for rental customers is normally 23 years of age. Driver above 21 years of age may also be allowed to rent a car, but extra insurance is mandatory in such cases. Please check the Terms and Conditions for more details.

The minimum age requirement in the UAE for rental customers is normally 23 years of age but for luxury sport and exotic cars we required 25 years and above its because insurance policy below 25 is not scope of insurance.

Yes. Any additional drivers must be declared as and when required to be added to the rental before the rental commencement and they should comply with the age and driving license requirements. Please check the Terms and Conditions for more details.

The traffic system in UAE is designed for left hand drive vehicles. The speed limit varies between 80 to 120 km ph. All highways and some interior roads are controlled by speed radars jumping of Red Light and driving on hard shoulder are considered major traffic offences, and attract heavy fines (including imprisonment and impounding of vehicle). It is compulsory for all occupants in a vehicle to wear safety belt.Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to occupy the front seats.Use of cellphone (without hands-free) while driving is a offence liable for being fined.Driving under the influence of alcohol of drugs is strictly prohibited.Most public parking especially in UAE are designated paid parking.In case of an accident it is mandatory to call the police and obtain a Police Report.

Office:  +971 55 459 2295 – Irfan

             +971 55 448 3855 – Faye 

Police: 999

Ambulance: 998 / 999

In the unforeseen circumstances of your vehicle being involved in an accident please note that the vehicle should not be moved from the point of the accident or damage, except in the case were the damage is minor and the vehicle is causing an obstruction to the traffic. You will then call the police (999) and remain with the vehicle in order to obtain a police report. Once you received the police report inform the same to Fastrack Luxury rent a car dubai 27/4 service (Mob: +971554592295)

Important note: It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide a complete police report. Failure to obtain a police report means that no claim can be made against the insurance policy; therefore, the client is liable to pay for full cost of repair.

Fastrack rent a car offers you 24hr breakdown roadside assistance. In the event that you may require any assistance, you can call our 24/7 customer service (Mob: 971 55 459 2295)